The security apparatus foils the smuggling of large quantities of goods to Eritrea February 21, 2018 3:28 PM 132 Kassala (smc)

The National Security and Intelligence Service (NSS) managed to thwart the smuggling of large quantities of consumer goods in the state of Kassala, which was on its way to Eritrea.

A security source familiar with the (smc) said that the security service continued its efforts to implement presidential directives to declare a state of emergency and border closure and combat smuggling to and from Eritrea, revealing the seizure of a large number of consumer goods in the villages (Qalsa, Radeef, Daman, and the promise of our master) The border between the two countries, pointing to the seizure of 2 stores and a quantity of goods loaded with the appearance of the animals in the village (priest) Previ Kassala, next to the seizure of the number of (2) Lori and (6) Land Cruiser vehicle in the village of Daman loaded with consumables, Sugar is destined for smuggling in the village of’Ad Sidna.

The source stressed the vigilance and readiness of the security apparatus to combat smuggling and the prosecution and seizure of all smugglers and smuggled goods.

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