The slogan of the Kifaya campaign on the car of a senior security official and dozens of monitoring men in Khartoum ..

All the security forces, especially the internal security officials in the Central Region, were shocked and disturbed by the arrival of the Kifaya campaign for the

second car of the second official and its slogan in a number of government vehicles.

Colonel of the security and Ldzki Bahta Deputy Brigadier Simon Tomb Dengl Internal Security Director paste the slogan “adequacy” at night, which led to a series of meetings appreciation of the situation and the reasons for laxity has been concluded for a number of decisions, including tightening security at night and increase the spread of security in all the capital, Captain Yamani Afwerki, who is in charge of the security of the capital, blamed the delay. Colonel Waeli Zaki Bahta receives direct visits from the president’s office and is in constant contact with Asias Afwerki. 
On the other hand, Sudanese field leaders confirmed that the presence of a large number of elements of external security and the Eritrean military intelligence in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and a number of Sudanese border cities in order to monitor and follow up the field of the Sudanese revolution, follow up and probe public opinion trends and submit daily reports to the security authorities.
They have entered the Sudan during the past few days with a normal entry visa (visit .. hospitalization) etc., through Khartoum Airport and a number of land border crossings.


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