Urgent Call for Action By Fesseha Nair

Map of Eritrea

Let us organize global joint rally in Front of Ethiopian Embassies

1. Submit the same appeal urging strongly

2. Names and signatures of organizations

” We are for peace, human rights respect, rule of law and democracy”

” This is the time to show our civil courage and show no more Essayaists in our country Eritrea”

This is a call for disapproval and expose the real intentions and activities of the brutal dictatorship of one man rule in Eritrea led by Isyas Afewerki by holding rallies in front of the Ethiopian Embassies all over the world at the same time.

As we all know this week the EPRDF( Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) is convening its congress in Hawasa. His Excellency Prime Minsiter Abiye speech at the opening ceremony was unifying and harmonious,, he stressed the idea of , ” Federalism” is the best system of Governance when it respects all citizens inside every administration of the nation.. he means that not ethnic federalism but geographical federalism which is my political organizations idea in Eritrea after the fall of dictatorship.

In today’s Eritrea, there is no peace, human rights respect, democracy and the rule of law. The Ethiopian People’s Federal Democratic Front- the ruling coalition of four parties know well the human rights situation in Eritrea.

We, who have been struggling for peace, democracy, human rights and peaceful co-existence are not against peace making within and outside with our neighbouring countries ( Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan and others across the Red Sea) and globally with all communities.

Eritrea has since independence been ruled without constitution and no elected government and parliament, It is ruled by decrees and is a police state. The world community knows well the humanitarian crisis( extrajudicial killings, detention without no charges, disappearance…etc) in Eritrea. Eritrea today is an open prison for its citizens.

Having followed and identified the process of peace-making between the two leaders of Ethiopia and the self-proclaimed Eritrean leader in on the cost of losing the Eritrean national sovereignty and territorial integrity. What is happening in Ethiopia is welcome by all because it has opened by first admitting its past wrong weaknesses and asking the people forgiveness reconciling conflicts in a peaceful way with all opposition political groups and inviting them to come home and freely practice their political views.

We, Eritreans under the Eritrean sovereignty and territorial integrity appreciate the recent developments in Ethiopia but criticize the method of peace making is not between two partners believing in the people power, thus while in Ethiopia is going positive changes in Eritrea it is impossible to bring changes under a dictatorship. Let me borrow the term Abiye uses in his political rhetoric, ” Synergy” Ndemer” Yes this term is specially used in economics meaning combining two different units when added gives more results than simply added, but when combining one should always have the real knowledge of combining, therefore I challenge Abiye if he is real in his rhetoric.

It is appreciable that the Ethiopian Government

– Admitted its past wrongs/ weaknesses,

– Allowed freedom of speech, press and association

– Released all political prisoners, – Declared free market and more privatisation,

– Peaceful reconciliation with all political opposition groups,

I would like to ask the EPRDF and others in Ethiopia

1. How can you make synergy in a market where one is free and the other monopoly,

2. How can you make peace with a neighbour who is against peace 3. How can you make developments in a market run by one man without no rules of free market

4. How can you build cooperation with one who is against cooperation

5. How can you make with a system that uproots its citizens and be burden to its neighbours by exporting refugees.

The Ethiopian Government led by Dr. Abiye Ahmed must be genuine and speak the truth on the human rights situation in Eritrea as he does in Ethiopia. I hope the Hawasa congress of the EPRDF concludes its congress successfully under the federal principles and programme that satisfies all the diverse communities in Ethiopia.

With this letter, ” Call for Urgent Action” would like to remind our brothers and sisters who have been deceived for 51 years ( from the year he joined the liberation front in 1967 up to this time- 2018) by Esayas must say , “Enough is Enough” and join hands with their brethren to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea as our forefathers in the 50th,

It is time to wake up and join hands to uproot the dictator in Eritrea!

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