Around 80 Eritreans revealed for asylum cheating – only one has been returned to Eritrea :By NRK NEWS.


On stage, several men wore T-shirts in military camouflage colors, during a mark for the introduction of national service in Eritrea, which took place in Oslo. It is virtually impossible to forcibly return Eritreans who are being cheated in Norway, says UDI.

EritreaEritreaThe UDI will now investigate asylum cases from Eritrea, to see if refugees participate in events in Norway, where they support the regime from which they have fled.Eritrea

But it is almost impossible to force anyone to return to Eritrea after being exposed to cheating. In the last few years, about 80 people have had their residence permit withdrawn because they cheated, mainly with ID. Only one of them has returned to Eritrea.

Two weeks ago, NRK told about Norwegian Eritreans in Oslo celebrating the introduction of national service in Eritrea.

It is this national service that allows Eritreans to flee the country in the thousands and seek asylum, among others in Norway.

NRK’s ​​sources in the Eritrean environment in Norway say that there are several of these pictures that have come to Norway in the last 10-15 years and have been granted asylum here.

Almost impossible to forcibly return

As a result of NRK’s ​​reports, the government has instructed the UDI to review 150 random Eritrea cases again – to assess whether protection in Norway can be withdrawn.

But the UDI says it is virtually impossible to force anyone to return to Eritrea.

“This area, ie both Eritrea and Ethiopia, is one of the areas where it is most difficult for the police to forcibly return people,” says Frode Forfang, director of the UDI to NRK.

Losing rights in Norway

But even though the UDI does not get forced return eritters, Forfang emphasizes that loss of residence permit has serious consequences.

– It means, after all, that they lose all the rights it entails, such as the right to work, take education and the right to social benefits.

Forfang says that loss of residence permit due to various forms of cheating also has a signal effect that should not be underestimated.

According to the UDI, they have reason to believe that many of the approximately 80 people who have been granted their residence permit in recent years, to a large extent still live in Norway.

– Very difficult to prove

UDI Director Frode Forfang
Frode Forfang, director of the UDI, says it will be very difficult to withdraw a residence permit because someone has celebrated the regime they fled from.


In other words, the UDI will now investigate whether there are Eritreans with asylum and who at the same time support the regime.

This becomes very difficult to prove, says Forfang.

– Finding sufficient evidence to actually withdraw a residence permit is not easy. It is not enough just to be pictured at an event organized by the regime. It will take a good deal more than that for us to obtain a residence permit, says the UDI director.

ስዊዘርላንድ፣ ናብ ዓዶም ንዝምለሱ ኤርትራውያን ከተባብዕ’የ ትብል

ስዊዘርላንድ፣ ናብ ሃገሮም ንዝምለሱ ኤርትራውያን ናይ መተባብዒ ሓገዛት ክትገብር ምዃና ገሊጻ።

ብፍቓዶም ናብ ሃገሮም ንዝመለሱ ወጻእተኛታት፣ ናይ ትምህርቲ ይኹን ካልእ መደባት እንተለዎም፣ መንግስቲ ስውዘርላንድ ክሳብ 5 ሽሕ ዶላር ክውምሎም መዲቡ ከምዘሎ ንክፍሊ ኢምግሬሽን እት ኣሃገር ብምጥቃስ መርበባት ሓበሬታ ገሊጸን።

እቲ መደብ፣ ንኤርትራውያን ኣብ ቅድሚት ዘቀመጠ ምዃኑ ዝሓበረ ክፍሊ ኢምግሬሽን ስዊዘርላንድ፣ ብወገን መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ነዚ መደባት ዝተሓባበር ኣካል ስለዘየለ ግና ኣጸጋሚ ኮይኑ ምህላዉ ኣመልኪቱ።

ብመሰረት ጸብጻብ እቲ ክፍሊ፣ ኣብ ስዊዘርላንድ ልዕሊ 50 ሽሕ ኤርትራውያን ስደተኛታት ኣለዉ።

ስዊዘርላንድ፣ ኣቐዲማ፣ ናይ ዑቕባ ሕቶኦም ንዝነጸገቶም ኤርትራውያን፣ ግዝያዊ ወረቐቶም ከምዘይተሐድሰሎም’ያ ክትገልጽ ጸኒሓ።

እንተኾነ፣ ናብ ኤርትራ ብግዴታ ንምምላሶም ዘኽእል ኩነታት ስለዘየለ እቲ መደብ ተቛሪጹ ይርከብ።

እታ ሃገር፣ ዝሓለፈ ዓመት ጥራይ ልዕሊ 6 ሽሕ ወጻእተኛታት ነናብ ሃገሮም ክትሰጉግ እንከላ፣ ኣስታት 6 ሚልዮን ዶላር ውጻኢ ጌረ’ያ ትብል።

እንተኾነ፣ በዚ ናይ ምስጓግ መስርሕ ንኤርትራውያን ስለዘይተኻእለ፣ ምስ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ፣ ናይ ምጥያስ ፕሮጀክታት ንምትእትታው ሓሳብ ከምዘለዋ ትገልጽ።

ኣብ ስዊዘርላንድ ንዝርከቡ ኤርትራውያን ሰሚናር ንምምክያድ ዝሓለፈ ወርሒ ሓምለ ናብ ስዊዘርላንድ ዝበጽሐ ሚኒስተር ጉዳያት ወጻኢ ኤርትራ ኣቶ ዑስማን ሳልሕ ምስ ሚኒስተር ጉዳያት ወጻኢ ስዊዘርላንድ ኢኛዝዮ ካሲ ንምርኻብ ዝቐረብ መደብ ከምዘይተቐበሎ፣ ኣርጋዌ ዜቱንግ ዝተባህለ ማዕከን ዜና ገሊጹ።

ስዊዘርላንድ፣ ኣብ ልዕሊ ስደተኛታት ብዘተኣታተወቶ ጽኑዕ ሕግታት፣ ኣብታ ሃገር ዑቕባ ዝሓተቱ ኣማኢት ኤርትራውያን፣ በብእዋኑ ናብ ካልኦት ሃገራት ክሰግሩ ተገዲዶም’ዮም።

ስእሊ፣- ኣርካይቭስ ኢንተርነት

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The fallacy of the theory of Agazianism & Its alleged historical connections with the state of Eritrea

Image result for eritrean berhe desta

Some Eritreans and Tigreans, who call themselves “Agazians,” have lately been
dominating the Tigrinia-speaking Paltalk chat rooms, claiming that the Tigrinia

speaking Christian Eritreans have ancient historical connections with the Agazians

of Northern Ethiopia’s province of Tigrai, and, because of this ancient connection
the present sovereign, “Christian” nation of Eritrea must be annexed with
“Christian” province of Tigrai. I believe this is an absurd and utter nonsensical
theory, which reflects a narrow-minded and adventurous extremism.
First of all, Tigrai is not a nation by itself, but one of Ethiopia’s provinces. Also, a
key point that these misguided individuals have failed to understand is that the
sovereign nation of Eritrea belongs to all its nine ethnic groups, which include
Christians, Muslims and non-believers, together. The historical social fabric of
Eritreans had been the envy of the world, and despite some temporary setbacks,
the new spirit, the stamina, and the momentum of the Yeakle Movement is
reviving it again. So the proponents of this theory have zero chance of dividing
Eritreans along religious lines.
The theory of the Tigrean Agazians, in my opinion, has no legal or historical basis,
and must be condemned. And those who naively entertain such illogical and
nonsensical thinking must either be Esayas Afeworki’s paid agents, Tigreans by
birth with some personal interest, or others who fail to grasp the true value of the
lives of the 80,000 plus gallant martyrs that Eritrea had sacrificed for its
independence and in defense of its national sovereignty
The history of the Agazians in Tigrai, Ethiopia, is an ancient religious history, which
has some connections with the right-wing Israeli Zionists and their religious
doctrine. That doctrine was later exported to the Axumite kingdom of Tigrai, in
Northern Ethiopia. But these ancient connections have nothing to do with the
historical and geographical definition of Eritrea.
The history of Eritrea is similar to the history of virtually all other post-colonial,
independent African nations, and many other nations throughout the world.
Before the territory we now call Eritrea was occupied by its Italian colonizers, it
was ruled by the Turks and Egyptians. It was inhabited by many different
indigenous people, speaking their many different languages, practicing different
cultures, religious beliefs and social norms. Post Italian colonization, however,
those diverse peoples were centralized and developed a common geographic
identity, common cultural, sociological and psychological bonds, as has happened
in the history of most nations of the world. Eritrea should not be an exception.
To be , the present, independent nation of Eritrea and the neighboring peoples of
Northern Tigrai share important linguistic and cultural ties. As good neighbors,
we have a great opportunity to further encourage and strengthen our
socioeconomic ties, for the common good. Eritrea also needs good
socioeconomic and political relations with the rest of Ethiopian ethnic groups, as
well as with all other East African neighboring nations. There is nothing better
than making peace and cooperation with all one’s neighbors.
But for now, as a matter of priority, we, as Eritreans, should be ever mindful of
the present grave and deteriorating socioeconomic and political situation in
Eritrea. Hence, we cannot afford to waste our precious time in challenging such
wrong-headed and divisive claims as Ethiopian Agiazinism. Enough is enough !!
Berhe Desta
Seattle Washington, USA.

ኖርወይ፣ ካብ ግዱድ ዕስክርና ሃዲሞም ዑቕባ ዝሓተቱ ኤርትራውያን፣ ብምኽንያት መበል 25 ዓመት ምምስራት ሳዋ፣ ጽምብል ምክያዶም ኣዛራቢ ኮይኑ

ኣብ ኤርትራ ካብ ዘሎ ግዱድ ዕስክርና ሃዲሞም፣ ኣብ ኖርወይ ዑቕባ ዝሓተቱ፣ ኤርትራውያን ብምኽንያት መበል 25 ዓመት ምምስራት ሳዋ፣ ጽምብል ዘካየየዱ ኤርትራውያን ኣዛራቢ ኮይኑ።

ማዕከናይ ዜና ኖርወይ ብዘቕርብኦ ዘለዋ ሓበሬታ፣ እቶም ኤርትራውያን፣ ወትሃደራዊ ልብሲ ወድዮም ባንዴራ ኤርትራ እናምበልበሉ፣ ምስቲ ናብታ ሃገር ዑደት ዘካይድ ዝነበረ ኣማኻሪ ፕረዚደንት ኣቶ የማነ ገብርኣብ ክስኣሉን ወዛሕዛሕ ክብሉን፣ ምስቲ ዑቕባ ንምሕታት ዘቕረብዎ ምኽንያት ዘይሳነ’ዩ ክብላ’የን ዝጠቕሳ።

ገሊኦም ካብቶም ዑቕባ ዝሓተቱ ዜጋታት ኤርትራ፣ ኣብዚ እዋን’ዚ ዜግነት ወሲዶም እኳ እንተኾኑ፣ ኖርወይ፣ ኣብ ልዕሊ ኤርትራውያን ሓተቲ ዑቕባ ሒዛቶ ዝጸንሐት ፖሊስ ክትፍትሽ ዘገድድ ምዃኑ ዝተፈላለዩ ወገናት ኣገንዚቦም።

ነርወይ ኣቐዲማ፣ ዑቕባ ሓቲቶም ከብቅዑ ብመንገዲ ሱዳንን ናብ ኤርትራ ንዝመላለሱ ኤርትራውያን ንምቑጽጻር፣ ዝወሃቦም ናይ ስደተኛታት ናይ መገሻ ሰነድ፣ ኣብ ርእሲ ናብ ኤርትራ፣ ናብ ሱዳንን ኢትዮጵያን’ውን ከይበጽሑ ዝእግድ’ዩ።

ስዊዘርላንድ ኣቐዲማ፣ ኣብታ ሃገር ዑቕባ ሓቲቶም ናብ ኤርትራ ንዝመላለሱ ኤርትራውያን ትከታተልን፣ ናይቶም ናብ ኤርትራ ከምዝበጽሑ ዝተረጋገጸ ድማ ናይ ዑቕባ መሰሎም ከምዝሰረዘትን ይፍለጥ።

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Eritrea reportedly training secret Somali force

NISA Director General with his Elite Gaashaan & Waran

By Somali Affairs 

The Federal Government of Somalia transported 200 young men from the Aden Ade International Airport in Mogadishu to Eritrea yesterday morning.

The information received by Somaliaffairs says that the youth were part of 600 young men the government had been gathering in Shirbow in the past few days.

The plan is to have these young men, when they return from Eritrea, to secretly operate in Mogadishu and replace the (Shield and Spear) Force.

Their training in Eritrea is being kept secret but they will replace the existing force for heavy operations.

Security experts we asked about this issue say the development carries great risk for the country’s security, especially in Mogadishu, and that an already existing force is being destroyed.

Eritrea snubs Switzerland (ኣብ ስዊዘርላንድ ተሪር ተቃውሞ ኣንጻር እቶም ሸፋቱ ሚንስትራት ይስማዕ ኣሎ)

  • People celebrate the Foreign Minister.
  • Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis (FDP) has invited Osman Saleh to Switzerland last autumn. Until today there is no date for this visit.
  • However, as research by the SRF “Rundschau” shows, Eritrea’s Foreign Minister was in Switzerland this summer.
  • The Eritrean side informed Cassis shortly before and proposed a meeting. Federal Councilor Cassis was apparently on vacation.
  • Swiss asylum politicians are angry. The explosive asylum dossier remains blocked.

Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis has been trying to invite his counterpart Osman Saleh to Switzerland since last fall. So far unsuccessful. To date, there is no date for this official visit, as confirmed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

What is astonishing: the Eritrean Foreign Minister was in Switzerland this summer. As research by the “Rundschau” shows, exactly one month ago, the high representative of the controversial Eritrean regime made a big appearance in the Markthalle Burgdorf in the canton of Berne. There he let himself be celebrated by regime-loyal compatriots. He did not meet Swiss authorities during his trip.

Short term appointment offered

As the DFA told SRF in writing, the Confederation had been briefed shortly before Saleh’s appearance: “On July 9, the permanent mission of Eritrea in Geneva informed the FDFA that the Eritrean Foreign Minister will be in Switzerland from 16 to 22 July. “The Eritrean side requested a meeting with Federal Councilor Cassis. However, Cassis was unable to take advantage of this short-term deadline for reasons of «agenda». According to research by SRF Cassis was on vacation.

Outraged foreign and asylum politicians

The short-term visit in the middle of the summer holidays causes outrage among Swiss parliamentarians: “This is very strange. To my knowledge, Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis has already tried three times to invite him to Switzerland. But that never worked “, said FDP Council of States and foreign policy Damian Müller. Such visits should be announced in good time.

“Of course that is an affront to Switzerland. That is quite clear, “said SP National Council Cédric Wermuth annoyed. “Switzerland has issued an official invitation. This is not answered and then Saleh comes for a propaganda appearance of his dictatorship in Switzerland. “That would not work, so wormwood.

Angry Eritrean opposition

The appearance of Osman Saleh is a PR coup of loyal to the regime Eritreans in Switzerland. But the majority of the refugees fear the regime and have fled the dictatorship in their homeland. For this group, the appearance in Burgdorf is also an affront.

“We strongly condemn the fact that the regime in Switzerland can carry out dubious propaganda performances unmolested,” said Okbaab Tesfamariam, media spokesman for the Eritrean Media Association Switzerland. “The show proves that such a regime can not be trusted,” Tesfamariam continues. With such a dictatorship no repatriation agreements should be concluded, so the regime-critical Eritrean activist.


Total blocked asylum dossier

From no other country have so many asylum seekers come to Switzerland in recent years, as from Eritrea. The Confederation wants to negotiate with the East African country for the repatriation of rejected asylum seekers. But in the meantime representatives of the SVP no longer believe in a repatriation agreement: “This regime dances our nose,” said SVP National Councilor Barbara Steinemann. Realistically, it would probably be “hardly possible” to negotiate such a contract with this regime.