The Concept of the Eritrean Mass Movement & Its Advantages. No Single Eritrean will be left behind.

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Introduction (መእተዊ )

The Eritrean Mass (Yeakle) Movement is a Task Force, which emanated as a result of the extreme socio-economic and political situation that has existed and is still continuing in Eritrea. That being the case inside Eritrea, the people, whether from within or from without, do not seem to exactly know how to challenge the criminal acts of the unconstitutional government in Asmara, Eritrea, which has committed such horrendous crimes, with extreme cruelty, against its own people. The socio-economic and political situation in Eritrea has now reached unimaginable proportions, denying the people the Rights of free Speech, free movement, freedom to assemble and to run a normal day-to-day life.

As a result of such unbearable life conditions inside Eritrea, and especially when about 360 Eritreans, consisting of men, women, children and infants, escaping the horrors of life in Eritrea and seeking freedom in Europe, vanished in a sinking ship in the Mediterranean Sea, by the shores of the Italian Sea coast of Lampadusa, on October 13th, 2013, many horrified Eritreans, the world over, rose up by raising their fists high, and singing the slogans of “Essayas Must Go !”, and yes indeed, he must Go !! That caused the birth of the Mass Movement, and they started to organize themselves, starting on a city by city level, all over the world. In consideration of the complexity of eventual system integration concerns at the global stage, the initial call to organize at the local level is made for the whole community, as an aggregate, not on the basis of a fragmented demographic approach. And one of the Ground Rules is to first educate the Masses about the Concept of the Mass Movement, so that they can make informed decisions.

Temporary By Laws were drafted, in order to legally guide them at the local level, and for formalizing the organizing process, on the basis of a “one person one vote” membership principle, which guarantees every member equal rights, opportunities and privileges, in the ownership of the movement. That means, the concept of the Movement is termed as a “Movement of the people, by the people, for the people. This Movement is only a task force, not an organization which ultimately grabs political power. Its main purpose is to educate, mobilize and organize the more than 90% of the Eritreans in the Diaspora, who are not yet, politically organized, and to bring them to the opposition camps. The Mass Movement is not a replacement of or in competition with any Eritrean political organization(s). On the contrary, it empowers and strengths them, by bringing in many new participants to the Eritrean public Forums. Such a process highlights that more public participation on the organizing process equates to maximization of democratic principles.

We are now at the second and hopefully last phase of the Yeakle Movement, which is action oriented. But a precondition for any action is to first have the right attitude to participate in any public meetings and events of national concern. Such participation will obviously, help towards swelling of the mass organization. After being reasonably organized on a city by city basis, a sound communication between the Deleyti Fetehi Eritreans inside Eritrea and those in the Diaspora, via Satellite TV and Shortwave Radio Services will be highly desired. But in order to reasonably utilize that bridge, a tremendous financial investments will be required, and more so when we accurately assess the financial muscle of our arch enemy, Essayas, the unique dictator who has solely amassed the whole county’s wealth. But, thankfully, with the fast and encouraging increase of the youth and women participation in the Yeakle Movement, we may keep the dictator at bay, because money alone does not fight, but determined people do.

It is a known fact that a fundamental government change in Eritrea will only come from within, but all necessary assistance must come from the Diaspora. The Deleyti Fetehi in Eritrea have all kinds of limitations, and the financial and logistical, as well as moral, supports will come to them from the Diaspora, and if there is a will, everything is possible.


The vision of the Eritrean Mass Movement is: To organize all Eritreans, from city level to an international level, under a single leadership, and after which, forming a transitional government in absentia, and upon which, create a new constitutional Eritrea, where all Eritreans can live in peace, democracy and harmony.


The defined goals of the Eritrean Mass Movement of Eritrea are :

To identify and educate, mobilize and organize, the more than 90% of Eritreans in the Diaspora, who are not yet, organized, on a city by city basis.

To optimally organize all Eritreans in the Diaspora, and by collectively creating a transitional government, in absentia, compelling a fundamental government change in Eritrea, that guarantees a constitutional government, which democratically represents all Eritrean demographics.


The different approaches applied in the optimal mass mobilization process are:

To start the organizing process at a city by city (local) level, and progress to national and international levels, under a single leadership path.

For the purpose of legality and formalized procedural steps, membership registration, which guarantees equity and equality for all members, in a bottom up progression.

As the most efficient approach, a single aggregate call is made at the inception, to all Eritrean demographics to the gathering for the initial organizing process, rather than trying to approach them multi-dimensionally.

In order to attain the most optimal mass organizing process, three different approaches are practically applied on the ground, namely, demographic, geographic and personalized canvassing of Eritrean homes throughout the entire subject city.

For simplifying the complex problem of bringing all the individuals, groups and organizations who played a role in the opposition efforts together, a newly reconstructed meaning of a new organization, measured by a certain criteria will be applied.


The advantages of the Eritrean Mass Movement are as follows:

The city by city organizing process provides the congregation with better opportunity to easily recognize and elect the best justice seekers who are committed to adhere to the principles and objectives of the Eritrean Mass Movement to represent our best interests.

It is a Movement that uses the most creative approaches and strategies, and best know-how to bring the Movement to fruition, within the shortest time possible, at a time when the overall Eritrean situation is at a critical stage.

Its main goal is to bring the more than 90% of Eritreans in the Diaspora, who are not yet organized, for different reasons, to the opposition camps.

The concept of the Eritrean Mass Movement, if properly implemented, has the ability to bring together those who are already organized and those who are not, in harmony, starting at local level, within the involved country, and then, centralizing all the organized cities of the country, under a single leadership, from which, we will proceed to the third (the global) stage, where a global Eritrean meeting will be arranged for the purpose of forming a transitional government, within a time span of not more than six (6) months.

It has the ability to defeat an illusionary myth called Fear from the minds of many Eritreans. Fear has always been one of the major obstacle to the progress of the Mass organizing process.

The Eritrean Mass Movement approach provides other members of other organizations with a dual membership opportunity, at no cost to them.

Limitations (ደረት)

If any decision -making of the executive committee conflicts with that of the members (rank and file), the voice of the rank and file survives.

The Eritrean Mass (Yeakle) Movement is only a Task Force, whose main purpose is to optimally organize Eritreans for national salvation, and indirectly encourage and empower any and all opposition groups, rather than competing with or replacing them.

No group or organizational memberships are allowed, in order to support the principle of one person one vote.

Applicant must be at least 18 years old to become a member, to vote, or assume any legal responsibility.

For the purpose of following legal procedures, a minimum monthly membership fee of $10.00 will be assessed, against each member.

While forming a transitional government in the Diaspora, the democratic, equal and equitable way of political power sharing among all those Eritreans who have played a role in the opposition, will materialize, on the basis of the newly defined organization, whose legitimacy will be measured based on the size of its Grassroot following and the diversity of participation of the nine different Eritrean ethnic groups.

All task force members, who, starting from the local (city) level, until the International (global) level, have accomplished the successful work of mobilizing, organizing and transitioning to the highest, last, stage under a single leadership path, will retire their noble work at that stage.


The Eritrean Mass Movement started about six years ago, by Eritreans for Justice and Democracy throughout the world. The Movement evolved as a result of the unending misery, mass arrests, imprisonment and lingering impoverishment of almost all Eritreans inside their country. The horrors of that toxic environment compelled Eritrean Diaspora communities all over the world, to at once rise up with their slogans, “Essayas, the dictator, Must Go,” in loud tones, and made an immediate move to organize themselves, on a city by city basis, through individual membership registration, and a bottom up progression.

The organizing process involves three stages: 1) The local (city) level, 2) the national (centralized) level, and 3) the global level, where delegates from each participating country are invited in order to form a national Assembly for the purpose of forming a transitional government, in absentia. At this stage (the 3rd level), the successful work of the Task Force will be suspended. And all the Task Force members, who were not organized, will, at that stage, have the option to join any qualified (reconstructed) organization(s) , of their choice, which will be measured by a new set of criteria.

Representatives from each member country will agree to meet at a centrally convenient city, for all of them. Those national Representatives, should preferably possess extraordinary skills and experiences, in order to be able to handle the challenges of the global unity system integration, involving the knowledge of devising the right formulae for equally and equitably distributing the common political power pie, to all qualified political organizations, which reflect the true color of all demographics, of the Eritrean society, without leaving out any segment of the populace.

However, the system integration of all the different Eritrean political players, consisting of individuals, Task Forces and organizations, will involve many variables to apply, and the tools to be used for harnessing them all, will be a newly reconstructed meaning of an organization, because it is only upon being satisfactorily organized that we can timely get to fruition.

Due to the complexity of the system integration required, the skillful coordinating committee will have many variables to juggle. And upon redefining the meaning of political organization, the old organization’s members and other non-organized ones, and the ex Task Force members, will have the opportunity to join with any of the newly qualified organization(s).

But, the organization (s) who do not measure up to the new definition of a qualified organization, will have the opportunity to create a coalition with other groups or organizations, of the same situation, until they fully qualify. Qualification of a newly defined organization will be measured by a yardstick, such as: 1) The size of its Grassroots followers, and 2) The diversity of membership representation of most, if not all, of the different Eritrean ethnic groups, on the basis of the subject organization’s non discriminating policies. Some additional criteria may also apply, depending on the involved experts’ visionary plans.

Upon scientifically crafting a democratically meaningful representation for political power sharing, a new constitutional and truly democratic Eritrea, that every citizen can finally embrace and enjoy all its treats, will be created. The Concept of the Eritrean Mass Movement, which evolved as a Panacea to the lingering unity problems of the too many Eritrean political organizations, should, therefore, be globally adopted, as a model
of choice, to enable us to get fully organized, a goal that once seemed beyond our grasp. Because, this Concept has a great potential to get us to fruition, within the shortest time possible, and is very simple to implement. It does not require us to learn calculus or nuclear physics, in order to practically implement it, but we only need to have a change in attitude to at least, try it, before it is outrightly rejected. The Yeakle aspirants are ready to act, but the road map and other logistics planners, who are also expected to lead by example, are awaited to make the call.

The highly secretive inner workings of the dictator in Asmara, don’t allow time for us to keep trekking at our yesterday’s pace. Therefore, the present phase of our struggle requires us to work with strictly defined goal targets, benchmarks and timetables.

We also have to acknowledge that tomorrow’s new Eritrea rightfully belongs to the younger generation, and those of them who have demonstrated their unwavering dedication and commitments for the service of their people and country, should be ready to reclaim the Mantle.

In the meantime, recognition of the efforts of those who kept our struggle alive, for so long, is overdue.

Here, two equally important items to consider are: 1) To involve every Eritrean in out-of-pocket financial contributions and to raise enough funds for the noble, national cause, and 2) To take to heart the responsibility of internationalizing Eritrea’s lingering Gross Human Rights Violations and National Sovereignty problems. If our ultimate success is to be timely attained, though, the Eritrean people must be bigger than FEAR !!

In conclusion, the main tenet of the Eritrean Mass Movement is nothing else, but Unity, Justice and Democracy, in Action.

Berhe Desta / Seattle, Washington, USA

A chart, reflecting practical applications of the Mass Organizing process on a city by city approach, is attached.


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