The Urgent Need for Participation in the Eritrean North American Bayto Activism

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The North American Mass (Yeakle) Movement is a Task Force for identifying, motivating, mobilizing and organizing the more than 90% of Eritreans in the Diaspora, who are not yet organized, and bringing them to join the opposition camps.  In other words, this noble action is not to oppose or compete with, but rather, to energize and empower any and all existing Eritrean political organizations.

Hence, such activism must be supported, encouraged and empowered by every  Eritrean justice seeker.  The key goals and objectives of the Eritrean Mass (Yeakle) Movement, are:  1) To organize every Eritrean, with no exception, on a city by city approach, throughout North America, and 2) Upon securing full organization and attaining an all-out unity of all progressive forces in North America, to bring about a fundamental government change in Eritrea. Yes, a fundamental government change is sorely needed in Eritrea!

The present socio-economic and political landscape in Eritrea is in a dire situation.  The country is teetering on the brink of total collapse, and its people are loudly crying for our help, with red-hot urgency.  And the time is right now!!  But, the precondition for our impactful help in Eritrea is to make sure that our ultimate unity and harmony in the Diaspora is fully ascertained.

A guarantee for our continuous and reliable unity in the Diaspora is to show our proactive public participation and engagement in all activities and events of national concern, within our respective cities, so that we can lend our unwavering support, share our opinions and views, and also ask our hard questions when necessary.

That is what democracy in practice is all about. But, if we do not timely exercise it, we will definitely lose it. The three Bayto representatives, delegated from each member, North American city, are tasked with facilitating the sharing of ideas and messages between the Bayto office and the member cities. But they are not, by any means, meant to circumvent and impose their unilateral ideas and opinions upon the member cities, who are commissioned to have the ultimate say in all final decision-making.

After the Washington DC Symposium of May 23-26, 2019, it was announced that 35 cities had joined the NA Bayto.  Six months later, we have added only 2 more members, and the total has now risen to 37.  This is a strong message that both the North American Bayto mobilization team and the Eritrean communities themselves have more homework to do. They need to further realize that the hallmark of the job responsibilities of the Yeakle Movement is to optimally mobilize and organize the Eritrean Masses.

It is also necessary that the loudly expressed goals and objectives of the Eritrean people have to be ingrained in the NA Bayto By-Laws and websites for public record. The goals, objectives and mission of the NA Bayto must be in line with the wants and demands of the majority of the Eritrean people. The Yeakle Movement is the voice of the voiceless, and its main mission is to ensure that public representation is grounded in significant public participation and support. Some handful of narrow-minded Eritreans, who do not have significant Grass Roots support on the ground, are globe-trotting about, seeking to win other countries’ support and endorsements for them to replace Essayas Afeworki. That is totally unacceptable to the Eritrean people, because political change in Eritrea must come from Eritreans and for the benefit of Eritreans.  Otherwise, there can be no lasting peace and national stability.  We should also take note that most of Yeakle Movement’s activities are now being infiltrated by HIGDEF’S agents, at all levels. Those sellout agents’ purposes, as always, are to deceive and mislead the unwary, to disrupt and sabotage the smooth organizing process, and especially, to blackmail, smear and marginalize the iconic figures of the Yeakle Movement. Without being distracted by such wicked and unpatriotic actions of the lackeys, we need to focus on our own noble community agenda items to make sure that the Yeakle organizing process is going smoothly, as expected, by showing our continued presence in any and every Eritrean public discourse.  As an Arabic proverb states, “trust everybody, but make sure that your camels are tied up.” We should, therefore, make sure that the NA Bayto does not conduct its business without the member communities’ continued, and proper checks and balances, and does not exceed its legal power limits !!

In conclusion, the chronic, lingering national problems of the Eritrean people have been our lack of unity and our added failure to get involved, in any problems of national concern.  But now, by saying “Enough is Enough,” and getting fired up, we have managed to see some visible improvements, and have finally realized that we are the only answers to our national problems, of any nature.

Thank you very much.

Berhe Desta / Seattle, Washington.


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