Vigil at Hyde Park Corner and reflect on the impact of Demolishing of buildings in Eritrea: By assenna on March 17, 2015


Vigil at Hide Park Corner and reflect on the impact of demolishing of buildings in Eritrea:

Date: Saturday March 21, 2015

Time: 2 pm

Venue: Hyde Park Corner:

Senseless and difficult to understand gross human rights violation is stepped up in Eritrea. The

Eritreans Government started demolishing residential houses since the beginning of March 2015, in

Arbaete Asmara, Betmekae, Xelot, Daero Kawlos and Adi Keih. What makes unique in the Town of

Adi Keih is that the local school children and the people courageously rose up in unison and stopped

the destruction of houses. In the process 3 children were murdered in cold blood.

This is done at a time when the Eritrean Government is trying to convince the western governments

that there is no violation of human rights in Eritrea and allowed the BBC to cover stories for the first

time in 10 years. It is the moment in time when the Western Government including Britain having an

eye at the huge mineral deposit in Eritrea is trying to rehabilitate PFDJ if only they could show some

improvements in their abuse of human rights, say to limit the indefinite National Service and free

some prisoners so they can have an excuse to engage with PFDJ. In the interview with BBC Yamane

Gebreab, political advisor of the dictator Isaias Afewerki denied there is no human rights violation.

The Eritrean Government must be exposed, we should not let down the underground group

“Freedom Friday” who are appealing to all Eritreans wherever they are to stand in solidarity with the

heroic youth and be the voice of their efforts to stop the destruction and make people homeless.

We are not going to let them down. At the vigil programs will be discussed to keep demonstrating

and writing letters to MP and other continuous and planned activities.

Thank you

Asefaw G. Kidan

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