Kenya’s President Visits Home of Eritrean Widow Lwam to Offer His Condolence


Kenya’s President visits home of Lwam Getachew and the Odinga’s | January 5, 2015

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, has offered his condolences to Fidel Odinga’s widow, Eritrean Lwam Getachew, and his family during a visit to the Odinga residence.

Kenyatta also met with Raila and Ida Odinga, the parents of Fidel, expressing his sympathies and condolences.

Lwam Getachew’s late husband Fidel Odinga, son of former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga was found dead in his Nairobi home on Sunday morning.


Kenyatta said that Fidel Odniga’s death is not only a big loss to his family but also to the nation, which he served with commitment and dedication.

“The passing of Fidel has robbed Kenya of a promising young man whose contribution to nation building will be missed by all.”, Kenyatta said.

There’s been minor civil unrest in Nairobi after the son of opposition leader Raila Odinga was found dead in his home.

Police say the death of 41-year-old Fidel Odinga is being treated as unexplained.

He had been drinking with friends on Saturday night and was found dead in his bed on Sunday morning.

Police say they’re investigating his final movements.

A forensic pathologist has been called in and a post-mortem will be conducted to establish the cause of death.

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